Executive 2022 - (Back) Trish Crawford - Femia Streefkerk - Judy Cruise - Mariette Huot - (Front) Marian Walshe - Ruth Meiklejohn - Sr. Susan Scott - (missing) Lydia Petterson

Another promotional tool designed by CWL  National.  Please follow us here for the next weeks to see what more is visually added!

1) The blue swirls represent the Holy Spirit, inspiring members as they start to pray.

2) The Holy Spirit flows throughout the image, beginning with the sun rays and dove in the upper right corner, joining members because they have invited Him with arms open.

3) During business, members remain inspired to perform service for others by creating resolutions or monetary support from fundraising efforts. The papers floating away exemplify members to do this for others, not for themselves.

4) After business, members relax and socialize. They reach out to other members, developing their relationships with them.