2024 Executive
Back row: (L - R) Ruth Meiklejohn (Social Justice Chair), Evelyn Yaceyko (Treasurer), Fr. Paul (Spiritual Advisor), Mariette Huot (Past President) Front row: Dianne Shennan (Secretary), Sr. Susan Scott (President), Rita Kirsch (Service Chair)

2024 Executive Contacts

Sr. Susan Scott – President – holytrinitycwl.president@gmail.com
Dianne Shennan – Secretary – holytrinitycwl.secretary@gmail.com
Evelyn Yaceyko – Treasurer – treasurer@gmail.com
Rita Kirsch  – Service Chair – holytrinitycwl.service@gmail.com
Mariette Huot – Past President – holytrinitycwl.pastpresident@gmail.com
Ruth Meiklejohn – Social Justice Chair – socialjustice@gmail.com

June Celebration Tickets $30 now available
Holy Trinity Office or etransfer holytrinitycwl.treasurer@gmail.com

Diocesan Convention Holy Trinity Delegates (L to R) Madeline Twerdochlib, Ruth Meiklejohn, Mariette Huot, Marlene Schmidek, Sr. Susan Scott



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   2023-2024 Meeting Dates

Wednesday May 22 7:00 p.m.

Monday June 10 Banquet ticket required cost $30 HALL 6:00 p.m.

What a wonderful gathering we had as we hosted this year's World Day of Prayer for the Christian churches in Parkland County. We had the happy task of having to add more tables and chair to accommodate more than 100 participants.
The prayers from our sisters in Palestine were very powerful as we listened to the stories of three women living there that were part of the prayers. We look forward to next year's service from the Cook Islands.