Between his exchanges with the Pharisees (Matthew 19, for example), trying to get them to see marriage as it was intended from the beginning, as well as his blessing of the marriage at Cana, Jesus raised marriage from a contract to a Sacrament. Among the Sacraments, marriage is unique in the sense that it is the one sacrament in which it is not the priest who administers the Sacrament; but rather the couple who mutually administer the Sacrament while the priest witnesses on behalf of the Church, calling God’s blessing upon their marriage. According to the late, great American Bishop Fulton Sheen, there are two key elements to the Sacrament of Marriage:

“One is very visible and evident. It is the exchange of consent which is signified not only by the joining of hands, but also by the words of consent. And this is witnessed by a priest. There is the invisible grace, also, which is communicated for their married state of life, and because this grace symbolizes another marriage—the marriage between Christ and His Church. That is the meaning of sacramental marriage (and it is found throughout the Epistles of Paul).”  


In order to be married at Holy Trinity Parish, you must first meet with one of our priests to discuss your readiness for Christian marriage, prepare the documents required for marriage, and plan for the ceremony itself.   Please contact the parish at least 6 months prior to the proposed marriage date to arrange a meeting. All couples preparing for marriage must attend a marriage preparation course, and our parish office can fill you in on specific details.

We will be offering in-person marriage preparation classes starting in the fall of 2021. To register, fill out the Marriage Preparation Form and return it with payment to the office.

Please call the parish office at 780-960-0135 or email for more information.